During male development the penis grows in parallel with his age. There are different key moments during male development in which increases of greater intensity occur, such as in infancy and puberty.

The growth of the penis during infancy is linked to physical development, although in adolescence it has a direct and exponential hormonal influence as it develops.

The penis generally grows as the rest of the body structures grow. Both bone growth and the development of structures related to secondary male sexual characteristics are influenced by the hormonal flow that also directly affects penile development.

¿Cuándo deja de crecer el pene de forma natural?

Generally we could establish 16 years of age as a plateau point from which penile development is infrequent and the size of the penis stabilizes.

In some cases we can find patients with a late pubertal development, something that we can check by performing an x-ray of the end of their bones where we will see how the growth areas remain open.

Regarding the recommended age to perform the surgery we can say that there is no such age. The requirement for surgery should arise from the needs of the patient and be treated by assessing each case individually.

It is true that we do not recommend, with few exceptions, to perform penile enlargement surgery on children under 16 years of age. Although we must understand the anxiogenic component that may involve for a patient to observe his penis in dimensions much lower than his desire, it is important to make the patient understand the suitability of waiting for an optimal age to perform the surgery.

In patients younger than the aforementioned age, psychological support is important for them to limit their emotional tension and for them to be able to understand that surgery does not solve a complex even if it improves it. They must be accepted as a previous step to enjoy the benefits of the surgery.

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