The suspensory ligament of the penis is a structure located between the shaft of the penis and the bone that makes up the anteroinferior part of the pubis. This ligament creates a semi-rigid connection between the penis and the pubis and marks the angle of erection of the penis. The angle of erection depends in turn on two elements: the suspensory ligament itself and the position of the pubis. Depending on whether the bone is in an arrangement more parallel or more perpendicular to the axis of the body, the angle of erection will be more or less close to the body respectively.

¿Qué es el ligamento suspensorio?The importance of the suspensory ligament of the penis in penis enlargement surgery is that its attachment to the penis and the bone prevents the exteriorization of the inner part of the penis. Through its release we get the body of the penis to become more visible and to come out. However, it is essential to keep at least part of this ligament attached to the penis and pubis to ensure that the angle of erection is correct. Depending on each case, it will be enough to make the union of a few centimeters or on the contrary it will be necessary to maintain its union in greater length.

The inner part of the ligament of the penis is made up of tissue rich in collagen. It is frequently accompanied by small blood vessels in its thickness, although on some occasions we find large arteries or veins within it. In these cases we must limit the release of the ligament as they can lead to significant bleeding in the genital area.

The amount of ligament that can be released in each patient will be decisive to achieve a greater or lesser elongation. We must remember the need to always prioritize maintaining the correct functionality of the penis over any other element.

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