Does penis enlargement surgery leave a scar?

In penile enlargement and thickening surgery, the scar is not usually a problem for patients who undergo this procedure.

After the penis enlargement surgery we observe an inverted Y-shaped scar at the base of the penis, subsidiary to the contribution of healthy skin made for the increase of length at rest and erection. In order to achieve penile lengthening during erection, we require this skin supply and this scar.

Cicatriz de la operación de alargamiento de pene

Initially, to consider a scar with this morphology at the base of the penis can be daunting. However, the skin of the pubic area has a great cicatricial advantage in the presence of hair. The base of the hair, the hair follicle, is very rich in stem cells and allows a generally very disguised scarring of the area.

As in any surgery, the scar after penis enlargement is conditioned by genetic, structural, tension, etc. elements, and its final condition will vary among patients, but it is generally perceived in a slight way even in the completely shaved patient.

At the same time, a small scar is produced on the side of the abdomen, generally less than three millimeters, through which the cells of the abdomen are extracted for penile thickening. That is why the scar in penile thickening, strictly understood, is testimonial.

In both cases, both the penis enlargement scar and the penis thickening scar can be treated by laser, dermapen, as well as by other techniques aimed at reducing its visibility.

In those patients with a tendency to keloid or hypertrophic scarring, the base of the penis is not a frequent problem area, as are the neckline, the retroauricular area or the back.

In order to prevent scarring, it is advisable to maintain a correct daily hygiene of the area. Apply a hairdryer in cold mode after showering and creams that promote healing. After the third month it is advisable to apply silicone membranes that reduce the redness and allow the final scar to be unnoticeable.

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