How much does a penis enlargement operation cost?

The price of penis enlargement surgery is difficult to determine globally since each case will require a different and individualized treatment. We can speak of prices ranging from four to twelve thousand euros. This wide range is based on the frequent need to include parallel procedures at the scrotal, pubic, etc. level.

Precio de la operación de alargamiento de pene

Penis enlargement is a complex and delicate surgery that should not be trivialized. It is not in vain that we are dealing with a structure of utmost importance for men. In 2017, the prestigious TIMES magazine published an article in which it was said that up to 70% of respondents would prefer to lose one of their hands rather than their penis. This indicates that the value that men place on their virile member is extremely high.

It is true that price may be a limiting factor for many patients, but it is always better to postpone surgery until it can be performed correctly than to have it performed in the wrong environment or by professionals whose skill or experience may be insufficient.

An excessively low price can make it obvious that a professional with little experience or with little surgical volume needs to lower the price of his surgeries as a recruitment strategy. We should always recommend to avoid low cost in medicine since repairing previous surgeries is more complex and costly than the primary surgery itself and also limits the success of the new intervention. At this point we remind you of the importance of being able to see in a simple way real cases before and after performed by the specialist who is going to perform the surgery.

The wide range of prices is mainly due to three factors:

  • The first one is whether we perform the thickening by means of stem and adipose cells, by means of fat or by means of dermal meshes, since the cost of each of the techniques is very variable.
  • The second variable is the technique to be used for penis enlargement, in cases where flaps are made to fill the base of the penis to prevent its regression as well as in cases where the VY technique of skin contribution is used, the cost will be higher.
  • The third variable will be the anesthetic technique, since ideally a specialized anesthesiologist should be present exclusively in the patient’s operating room, although some centers reduce the cost of surgery by using simultaneous anesthesiologists in several operating rooms, something that should be avoided as far as possible, since it is preferable to have specialized personnel in the operating room at all times without depending on activities.

Something as important as the choice of having a penis enlargement surgery should not be conditioned by the price of penis enlargement that one center or another has. The decision should be strictly medical, choosing the best professional who has the best and largest number of cases, preferably with experience in penis enlargement and sex change surgery.

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