What is the postoperative period for penis enlargement surgery like?

The postoperative period of penis enlargement surgery is bearable and does not usually require cures or intercurrent therapies. In general, the patient should perform a series of exercises during the first month and should keep basic hygienic measures in the area of surgery.

On the day of surgery and after walking satisfactorily around his room and urinating, the patient leaves the clinic or center with a bandage on his abdomen that he must keep twenty-four or forty-eight hours as indicated. The removal is simple and can be done in the shower.

Postoperatorio de la cirugía de alargamiento de pene

Then you will have to cure with soap and water by gently cleaning the wound surface and applying gauze and/or dryer in cold mode to keep the surgical incision area dry. This should be done during the first few weeks.

The return to work for activities where no effort is made is practically immediate. In those cases in which the patient makes efforts is preferable to individualize although it is usually very early.

Sex after penile enlargement and thickening surgery should be postponed for two to three weeks. Masturbation should be started in order to regain confidence and comfort with the operated member and to be aware of uncomfortable positions or movements before engaging in sexual activity. The return to sexual activity should be progressive and penetration during the first relations should be in comfortable positions and without excessive pressure on the penis in which the operated patient controls his position and does not receive weight directly on the penis.

It is very common that the patient is too aware of his penis during masturbation or during sexual intercourse trying to measure directly or indirectly the size of the penis. This is very negative because it will decrease the erection. It is convenient to remember that until the sixth month or year we do not observe the final result.

The massages that the patient should perform during the first weeks are divided into traction and pressure massages. Tractor massages consist of uncapping the glans penis and pulling the glans penis for five minutes at one minute intervals. The objective is to provide elasticity to the internal scar and to improve the adaptation of the penis.

The second massage is performed by circling the penis with both hands and alternating pressure with both hands while gently rotating the hand in both directions. The objective of this massage is to improve the blood flow to the areas where the cells in charge of penile thickening have been placed, accelerating its settlement.

In general, the stitches used do not need to be removed, and over the weeks they will disappear.

That is why the postoperative period of the penis enlargement and thickening surgery is very fast and bearable and only requires soft massages of the penis and hygienic care of the intimate area.

How long is the recovery time after penis enlargement surgery?

The postoperative period of the penis enlargement surgery is fast and allows an almost immediate reincorporation to our daily life.

Generically we can say that it takes: a few hours to walk normally, about five days to make efforts, and two weeks for sexual activity and sport. Always in a progressive and increasing way and guided by the specifics of your surgery that can lengthen or shorten these times.

This is a surgery where pain is very infrequent, just some discomfort in the abdomen secondary to abdominal liposuction and some uncomfortable sensation when urinating the first few days. After the first hours you may notice the area somewhat numb and swollen that can massage the penis and pubis to facilitate drainage of the area and speed recovery, but usually does not involve pain as such.

The practice of upper limb sports can begin immediately. So that a few days after the penis enlargement surgery the patient can perform biceps, triceps, pectoral, shoulder or back exercises normally, avoiding sweating with them so as not to interfere with the healing process of the penis surgery.

After the first week we can include in the physical activity routine planks, abdominal work without abdominal flexion and push-ups. And when we reach the second week, you are allowed to perform common abdominal exercises and start running at gentle rhythms. It will be from the third week when you are optimal for your usual physical activity.

The patient can shower from the first 48 hours. You should only apply soap and water to the area gently and dry with gauze and dryer in cold mode. It is common for the scar area to exude slightly, that is to say, to secrete some liquid that originates the scar itself.

As for bandages, etc., usually the same day of surgery the patient can return home. He/she will do so with a small bandage over the pubis that he/she will keep for two days, but which will allow him/her to dress normally. After that, the patient will keep small strips of adhesive tape or steristrips for five to fifteen days.

Since the surgery is usually performed with mild sedation and local anesthesia or epidural anesthesia, when the patient urinates and walks normally, he can leave the health center where the penis enlargement and thickening surgery has been performed. It is normal to perceive their blood pressure somewhat decreased by medication, to counteract it can take isotonic drinks that increase blood pressure.

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