What length of penis is considered micropenis?

On many occasions patients wonder if their penis has normal dimensions, or they wonder what is the normal size of a penis or what is the average penis length at rest for their age and condition.

The truth is that regardless of the size and location of the penis, penis enlargement and thickening surgery can be performed since it does not work with the visible penis but with the inner part of the penis, intimately linked to the pubis and which is not objectifiable from the outside.

Micropenis is usually related to a deficit in the development of the penis during puberty, linked to hormonal problems or the general development of the patient. On other occasions it is caused by the burying of the penis in patients with an excess of fat or adipose panniculus in the pubic area that masks the penis making it invisible.

Micropenis is defined as the penis whose size is less than 7 centimeters in erection. A small penis is considered small when it does not exceed eleven centimeters in erection. Although these concepts are arbitrary and may vary among different authors, they are useful to classify patients. In this guide we explain how to correctly measure the penis to know if this is our case or not.

The treatment of micropenis will depend on its cause and its approach must be individualized. In general, we will proceed to release the suspensory ligament of the penis semi-completely and provide healthy skin as in a common penile enlargement and thickening surgery, although in this case we will have to perform a different approach.

We must also treat the fat of the pubis in case there is an excess of it by liposuction or by direct exeresis of the same through the same scar that we make for penis enlargement.

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