How many cm are achieved with penis enlargement surgery?

When a patient considers the possibility of undergoing penis enlargement surgery, one of the first doubts that come to his mind is the maximum number of centimeters of gain that can be obtained. This will depend mainly on your anatomy and your body’s response to your surgery.

It is very important to understand that although we can achieve very important increases in length, we cannot condemn the functionality of the penis in exchange for an oversized increase.

In general we can say that the average gain achieved at rest is about four or five centimeters. This always depends on each technique and the professional who performs it. Since there can be an important variability depending on the skill in the technical execution.

¿Cuántos cm se pueden conseguir con la operación de alargamiento de pene?

There are cases described in which a lengthening of up to 17 centimeters at rest has been achieved. However, this is something exceptional and each patient must understand that their case is unique and that the expectation must be realistic and related to their individual case.

It is very complex to determine preoperatively the centimeters that are going to be extracted. It is common to think that if the patient has a notorious internal penis volume, a great penis enlargement will be achieved. However, this is inaccurate since we are greatly conditioned by the relationship with the suspensory ligament of the penis.

In surgery, if we perform an excessive detachment of the suspensory ligament, we may find alterations in the angle of erection, which would limit penetration, making it unsatisfactory and making it difficult to maintain satisfactory sexual relations.

In general, the patient should expect an average increase of 4 to 5 cm at rest and 3 to 4 cm in erection, being always aware of the limitation of the surgery in which health should prevail over any other parameter.

It should be emphasized that the centimeters gained in the penis enlargement operation should not be confused with those obtained in penis thickening. In the following video we explain in detail what is the average gain in each of the cases.

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