The measurement of penile length is more complex than we may initially think. The penis is a dynamic structure whose behavior and size varies throughout the day based on metabolic and emotional conditions.

One of the keys to a correct measurement of the penis is to always take the measurement at the same time of the day, in the same position and in sexual rest for at least 24 hours.

For its measurement we should not stretch the foreskin but place the penis relaxed and do not measure the penis only visually but from the base of the pubis.

¿Cómo medir correctamente la longitud del pene?

Given the difficulty for a correct measurement, one of the best options is not to make a direct measurement of the size of the penis, but to do it indirectly with respect to the testicles. One of the best ways to observe the success of penis enlargement and thickening surgery is to observe the length relationship between the penis and the testicles since we will see how often before the surgery it does not reach the end of the testicles while after the surgery it surpasses them.

After the penis enlargement surgery it is frequent that the patient begins the measurement well below where the penis really begins and it is something that should be done by palpating the pubis both before and after the surgery to have a stable bony reference for the measurement. Otherwise the measurement is made based on the sensation created by the skin of the penis itself, which is a mistake, since the skin of the penis as such is not modified in length but in position, since it is advanced so that we get a greater total length.

The measurement of the erect penis is, if possible, more complex. Each man knows the variability of his own erection. Depending on the level of stimulation we can achieve penile length differences of up to ten centimeters depending on the basal size of the penis. That is why the patient should wait at least six months for a correct measurement of the penis in erection. In addition, it should always be done at maximum erection and during masturbation when close to orgasm. If it is done during sexual intercourse or at the beginning of masturbation to avoid that while the measurement of the penis is performed, the erection is lowered.

Undoubtedly the best way to measure the penis at rest and erection is starting from the base of the pubis. However, for a patient who wants an average perception of the measurement of his penis before and after the penis enlargement surgery, the ideal is to do it in a relative way comparing where his penis ends with respect to the testicles.

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