Can impotence occur after penis enlargement surgery?

When we talk about impotence we refer to the possibility of presenting difficulties in the erection of the penis. As well as the impossibility of reaching orgasm.

Penile erection should be understood as a pump system. The penis is an empty structure at rest that has a cavern with high capacitance. When there is a sensory stimulation of the penis or when the person is aroused, a nervous mechanism is produced that releases vasodilators. These vasodilators allow the blood vessels that reach the penis to widen, increasing the flow that reaches the penis. This increases the volume of the penis.

¿La operación de alargamiento de pene puede causar impotencia?However, this is not enough, and we need the musculature at the base of the penis to generate contractions of the base of the penis to keep the blood under pressure inside the penis and achieve a maximum erection. This musculature also stimulates the contents of the seminal vesicles and prostate to propel semen through the urethra when penile stimulation generates nerve signals that lead to ejaculation.

After penile enlargement, erectile or ejaculatory difficulties may occur. They are generally associated with an emotional and psychological component rather than a surgical element. In erection, anxiety, fear or the continuous control of the same lead to the organism not being able to maintain or complete it. In fact, the most frequent cause of impotence in men is stress.

Penis enlargement surgery generates a spectacle and an illusion, but it is also a stressful event for the patient. That is why it is essential to avoid measuring the penis during sexual intercourse in order to avoid situations in which the erection decreases, since this will greatly condition future relations, since the fear of repeating this event can generate a negative vicious circle for sexual activity. In fact, it is recommended that during the first six months the result of the surgery should not be evaluated in order to avoid stress during the first sexual relations.

In penile enlargement and thickening surgery it is very infrequent that alterations of this process occur, except in patients with important complications such as incoercible bleeding that require urgent actions or in cases in which there are internal hematomas that may require complex catheterizations that may generate double tracts, that is to say, injuries of the urethra that make a false light of the same and that prevent the correct ascent of the semen.

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