How long does a penis enlargement operation last?

The duration of a surgery is very variable between patients and professionals. Generally speaking, we can say that on average a penis enlargement and thickening surgery lasts between one and two hours.

Certainly the duration of a surgery should never be a relevant element when making a choice since it is frequent that this can be prolonged due to difficulties or complications.

Duración de la cirugía de alargamiento de peneWhen a patient undergoes surgery, he/she should do so with full confidence in the professional who performs it. In order to do so, he must use the most realistic tools, such as having access to real cases performed by that specialist physician, as well as knowing his training in this regard, being especially desirable for penis enlargement and thickening surgery to have a surgeon who has knowledge of sex change surgery and who is capable of performing it, since this increases the guarantees that facing our surgery is something with which he should feel comfortable.

The relatives and the patient himself must understand that the surgical process itself has a given duration as can be established around one hour, but that the surrounding elements such as the preparation of the patient, anesthesia, awakening, bandaging, etc., suppose an extra time during which the patient is in the operating room, although during that period the patient is not strictly undergoing surgery.

It is important that family members remain in the patient’s room to allow easy and quick location and to be able to indicate the end of the surgery or to consult with them about anything.

In short, penis enlargement surgery lasts about an hour and a half, although we will find disparity in surgical times between patients and specialists. The objective must be to perform it with continuity and over-acceleration in order to achieve an optimal result.

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