¿Cómo es la anestesia en una operación de alargamiento de pene?

Anesthesia in penile enlargement and thickening surgery is intended to make the patient comfortable during the procedure and for an early recovery.

It is common for patients to go alone to this type of surgery, for fear of what they will think, since there is still a social ignorance of the normality of this surgery in many countries. Although it is always advisable to be accompanied, epidural anesthesia allows an express recovery and prevents the patient from being intubated or under general anesthesia, something that would cause a longer postoperative period.

Anestesia en la cirugía de alargamiento de peneIn penis enlargement, epidural anesthesia is generally used, for which a gentle prick is made in the back, leaving the patient with his lower abdominal area, pubis and legs asleep.

There are patients with fear of surgery who wish to accompany this technique with sedation, whereby the patient remains asleep during surgery, although, as with an epidural, recovery is rapid and does not require incubation or general anesthesia.

For those patients with anesthetic difficulties to perform epidural anesthesia due to back problems or similar, penis enlargement and thickening surgery can be performed under sedation only.

In cases where epidural anesthesia is used, the patient will notice a weight on his legs and progressive difficulty in movement that will disappear as the anesthesia wears off.

The hospital stay is usually ambulatory, i.e. the patient returns home within the day. It is important for the patient to walk naturally and to have regained full sensation in his legs, as well as to have urinated before leaving the medical center.

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