Do penis extenders work?

There are many devices aimed at increasing the size of the penis without surgery. Their use can be very harmful to the structure of the penis, and not only do they fail to enlarge the penis, but they can also produce alterations in sensitivity, functionality, erection, etc.

Penile extension devices produce a continuous stretching of the penis through traction or weight. This allows the skin to elongate, stretching it. This is a major problem in this anatomical area mainly because the penile skin is very thin and has a different elastic component than the rest of the body. The reason why the penile skin has special characteristics is that during erection the penile skin must allow sufficient elongation of the penile bodies so that the penis can project and grow to maximum erection.

Extensores de pene. ¿Funcionan?

When we subject the skin of the penis to extension forces, either by traction or by weight, it is damaged and although it can increase in length, even if it is an exaggerated one, this will cause internal repair processes that generate fibrosis as a scar of the skin itself. This can lead to erection problems and often causes that after the continued use of extenders, the erection does not reach the same size as before their use.

The use of extenders has also been extended after penile enlargement surgeries in which only the suspensory ligament is released. In these surgeries we manage to enlarge one of the parts of the penis, its shaft, but we do not provide the part that surrounds it, the skin. This causes an imbalance between content and continent, since if we lengthen the internal part without doing the same with the external part that corresponds to the skin, it is a problem for the final improvement. That is why we try to avoid this situation by using extenders, although this does not solve the problem and can even increase it, because it stretches the healthy skin and can lead to internal fracture and retraction. We must always provide healthy skin, not try to give away the existing skin whose function is essential for erection.

In conclusion, the use of extenders should be avoided in a healthy penis since it can cause sensory problems by over stretching the dorsal nerve of the penis, erection problems by leading the skin to its elastic rupture, and problems in the glans penis such as necrosis of the glans in case of direct traction on it.

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