Are there natural penis enlargement exercises?

In the search for penis enlargement there are many techniques based on the manipulation of the penis directly and indirectly, although there is none that achieves an objective and sufficient result to indicate that there has been an increase in penis size. Nowadays, the only real alternative that allows penis enlargement is penis enlargement and thickening surgery.

The penis is an elastic structure, very well vascularized and with a very important tactile and erogenous sensory contribution. That is why it is difficult to increase its size by means of exercises when faced with such a complex and compartmentalized entity.

Ejercicios para alargar el peneThe most frequently proposed exercises to enlarge the penis are aimed at penile traction. Their objective is to elongate the structures of the skin and the body of the penis, although stretching is hardly going to achieve a substantial increase. It is possible that through its repeated and methodical application over time we can achieve a stretching of the skin of the penis, but the internal structure of the penis is strongly anchored by the suspensory ligament of the penis and it is not possible to unclamp it by traction. Regarding the body of the penis, it is composed of fasciae of a very remarkable hardness, so achieving its elongation to lengthen the penis is very complex, although increases of less than a centimeter can always be achieved.

Among them, the Jelquing method stands out, in which the erect penis is massaged. Numerous studies have demonstrated its ineffectiveness in increasing the size of the penis, although it can be positive as a method of massage and knowledge of the male organ itself.

Other techniques aimed at increasing the size of the penis are given by exercises performed through the pelvic floor muscles, such as cutting urination during urination, or moving the penis up and down with an intermediate erection, strengthening the muscles in the area of the base of the penis.

It should be taken into account that the exercises that can be performed should always be done without feeling pain or significant discomfort, since their excessive application can be harmful to the penis, both sensory and functional.

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