Do penis enlargement creams work?

It is true that there are creams that are effective in penis enlargement. However, we must point out a series of important aspects:

  • Currently the only effective treatment for penis enlargement is surgery. Although there are creams that promise penis enlargement, this is incorrect and we should carefully analyze what we put on our penis.
  • The creams that emulate surgery achieve a slight penis enlargement, much less than surgery and in many cases imperceptible. This penis enlargement is transitory and only lasts a few hours after its use.

¿Existen cremas para alargamiento de pene eficaces?

Certainly the creams do not produce penis enlargement or penis thickening, we cannot even say that they enlarge the penis. The creams used for this purpose have mechanisms based on vasodilation. That is, they act by increasing the volume of blood reaching the penis. The more blood reaches the male sexual organ, the greater the volume we perceive, similar to a small erection.

However, the mechanism by which the creams act is deleterious, so the more they are used the less effect they have, since they produce an adaptation of the anatomy that becomes resistant to it.

As the patient stops using the penis enlargement cream the effect disappears since no cream is able to produce a growth of the penile structure.

We must be especially careful with these creams since in patients with cardiac or renal problems, as well as in patients under treatment for blood pressure, they can cause important problems.

We always have to understand this type of creams as a medical treatment that must be supervised by an expert specialist in penis enlargement surgery and that indicates its occasional use.

Undoubtedly, the best method to achieve effective penis enlargement is penis enlargement surgery, whenever possible performed by a professional expert in sex change surgery and penis enlargement surgery.

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