Are there alternatives to penis enlargement surgery?

There are no real alternatives to surgery to increase the size of the penis. The penis is a functional structure and we cannot achieve an increase of a functional structure without treating it directly.

We can speak of different less invasive alternatives, although the results will always be much inferior to those of the strict penis enlargement technique.

In the case of patients with accumulated pubic fat, liposuction of this area can allow a remarkable improvement of the area by externalizing the hidden part of the penis.

¿Existen alternativas a la cirugía de alargamiento de pene?

Those patients in which there is alteration in the frenulum area or in cases of patients with phimosis, the resolution of the phimosis or the tightness of the frenulum also allows the penis to be externalized and perceived with greater size.

For strict thickening, the use of hyaluronic acid in the penis can be used, although nodules and irregularities often appear if a sufficient amount is used to achieve a real increase. Likewise, its rapid reabsorption in such a vascularized area makes it necessary to repeat its use every six to eight months.

There are countless devices and gadgets, as well as exercises to increase penis size. However, their use is not regulated as medical devices.

This is especially important in the field of penis extenders. Their mechanism is based on creating tension forces on the skin of the penis and the penis itself. They are intended to stretch and stretch the penile structures. This mechanism is not very productive since the increase is very slight, and as the use of the extender ends, the benefit will disappear since the structure will retract again. They can also cause sensitivity and erection problems, and even necrosis of the penile skin in the areas where traction is applied.

Regarding penis enlargement creams, lotions, etc. that pretend to increase the penis volume, there is no anatomical possibility to increase the anatomical volume of a structure by providing nutrients through creams or similar. Good hydration or even creams with androgens or other hormones can create a very slight increase due to stimulation. However, the adverse effects of hormone creams can be significant and functionally damaging. 

Any treatment at the penile level, to increase penile size, penile length, or penile girth, must be guided and directed by medical personnel. We cannot trivialize a structure of such functional importance in terms of urination and sexuality as the penis.

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